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Frequently asked


  • What is a Book Coach?
    A book coach guides you through the process of writing your story. They help you with your concept, keep you accountable and on track with deadlines, offer support and encouragement through the process, help you with story structure, voice, and offer feedback on your work. Book coaches also offer services to help you with the querying and pitching process.
  • Should I Hire a Book Coach?
    ​​​​​​That's up to you! Some things to consider: Do you sense there is something wrong with your manuscript but don't know what it is? Are you receiving rejections from agents and/or publishers but you don't know why? Are you frustrated with how long it's taking to learn the rules of the craft? Do you need guidance on story structure and writing craft? Do you need accountability, encouragement, honesty, and support as your write? If you said YES to any of these questions, you may want to hire a book coach to jump start your writing journey.
  • Do I Retain My Rights?
    ABSOLUTELY! A book coach does not retain any rights to your work. Only YOU retain those rights.
  • What Genres and Categories Do You Coach/Edit?
    I coach and edit in the following categories and genres: Categories Middle Grade Young Adult Adult Genres Contemporary Speculative fiction (Sci/Fi, Fantasy, Dystopian, Space Opera, Military Sci/Fi, Horror, etc.) Thrillers and mystery Romance Women's Fiction Memoir Genres I do not coach/edit at this time: Literary fiction Erotica Poetry Short Stories Non-Fiction
  • Do You Guarantee I'll Get an Agent and/or Publishing Contract?
    Because there are many factors that go into an agent offer and publishing contracts, I cannot guarantee you will get an agent or a publishing contract.
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